If scummy dentist Aaron Schamback ripped you off at Great Smile Dental, I strenuously urge you to write him a polite letter and mail it to his home address:
8 Bamboo Lane, Jupiter, FL 33458‑2402

Stealing Money From Your Patients = 100% Illegal.
Publishing Aaron Schamback's Home Address = 100% Legal.

(I mention this because it seems Mr. Schamback has it backwards. See, his office took my money ($1000) for a crown that it never delivered and Mr. Schamback refuses to return my money. Yet, he complained to AwardSpace that I violated its ToS by publishing his address, which is perfectly lawful. I wonder if Mr. Schamback has ever seen a phone book; they're loaded with folks' addresses. Aaron Schamback is a disgrace. A disgrace to his parents, to his children, to his employees, and to himself).

Aaron Schamback DDS
Here is scummy dentist Aaron Schamback taking two brave Port St Lucie police officers away from the important work of keeping our streets safe to cry about my alerting passersby of the scam business he is running. First, Mr. Schamback has his attorney threaten me with a lawsuit in federal court. Then, Mr. Schamback cries to AwardSpace because I published his address. Then, Mr. Schamback calls the Port St Lucie PD because I'm getting the word out about the money he stole from me. Perhaps scummy dentist Aaron Schamback is unaware that speech is protected by the Constitutions of both the United States and the State of Florida. Didn't teach you that at dental school, Aaron? Just ask me for a loan, Aaron. I can float you $1,000 any time. Heck, I'll float you $10,000 at 5% annually. Stealing is never the answer. Stay classy, Aaron. I'm sure your dad is super‑proud.

Been meeting lots of nice folks on the sidewalk in front of Great Smile who've unfortunately also had horrific experiences with Aaron Schamback DDS and/or Great Smile Dental. Please e‑mail me if you'd like to share your story with my audience. I'll include either your name or your initials or post your review anonymously -- it's completely your preference.


Aaron Schamback and Jaclyn Harden are the two scummiest human beings on planet Earth. I implore you to avoid using either of these two pieces of filth if you need a dentist in Port St. Lucie. I paid $1,000 to these dirtbags -- Jaclyn Harden DDS (as the dentist who treated me) and Aaron Schamback DDS (as the owner of Great Smile Dental) -- to put a temp crown in my mouth one morning last summer (8/3/19) with a promise from Jaclyn Harden that she'd call as soon as the permanent crown was ready. THAT CALL NEVER CAME. Total Bullshit. She's a lying fucking twat. Then, I call to try to get back my $1,000, and Aaron Schamback, the owner of Great Smile Dental, refuses to take my call. About six times, at least. Jaclyn Harden is a total, worthless liar. Aaron Schamback is a piece of garbage who deserves to burn in hell for all eternity. Do not use Great Smile Dental, Aaron Schamback DDS, or Jaclyn Harden DDS. They are total thieves!

If you ever wondered how a shitty dentist named Aaron Schamback DDS has the money for a 2017 Porsche 911 (pictured below), well, here's a hint. This dirtbag is the owner of Great Smile Dental, which took my $1000.00 last summer for a permanent crown and that was the last I heard from them regarding the crown.

Keep ripping off your customers, Aaron, and maybe you can upgrade to the 992.

Scumbag Aaaron Schamback's Porsche 911 / Dirtbag Aaron Schamback

So I file a lawsuit against Great Smile Dental, Aaron Schamback DDS, and Jaclyn Harden DDS, and rather than apologize and return my $1,000, they are actually fighting the lawsuit. These motherfuckers know they have my money and they know they never delivered the crown.

There is absolutely no shame in taking a second job if you are low on cash. I always worked two jobs in college. Sometimes three. But I never, ever stole from anyone, at any time, for any reason.

Aaron Schamback can go bag groceries at Publix if he needs some extra dough. Or he can bus tables at Denny's. I doubt he's qualified for either job but it's worth applying.

Jaclyn Harden can be a waitress or a maid or a janitor. No shame in those jobs. Or she can set pins in a bowling alley. Again, not that she's qualified for any of those positions. Any job is better than accepting money for services at a dental office, failing to deliver those services, and not issuing a refund.

Aaron Schamback and Jaclyn Harden take money for a service they don't deliver and they don't return your money. THAT'S CALLED THEFT. AARON SCHAMBACK + JACLYN HARDEN ARE NOT DENTISTS. THEY ARE THIEVES. STONE-COLD THIEVES.

You may need to sue these thieves if you use Great Smile Dental, Aaron Schamback DDS, and Jaclyn Harden DDS. So, be warned!! Avoid this place and these people. They ripped me off, big-time, and they could steal from you, too!! Mr. Schamback and Ms. Harden certainly deserve each other. Two low-life losers!!!!!!!

Stealing from clients -- real class act! Great example Aaron Schamback and Jaclyn Harden set!

Update!! (Saturday, December 7 2019, 11:55 a.m. PT) -- Sleazy Aaron Schamback does not like this website!!! So he's hired an attorney to try shutting it down!!! There are few things I loathe more in this world than Florida attorneys who try to shut down Constitutionally protected speech. Anyone ever heard of Francis DeLuca??? Me neither!!! Francis DeLuca is either just as scummy as Aaron Schamback or she's an ignoramous. Now, I like teaching First Amendment law to young attorneys as much as the next guy, but the Florida Bar says that Aaron Schamback's attorney has been out of Nova Southeastern University for almost 30 years!!! Funny how all the bullshit lawsuits I get served come from NSU alums. One once sued me for IIED on behalf of a Florida corporation, because you know how Florida corporations have feelings and all. (I won that at Summary Judgment). Another one who I'd never met, spoken to, e-mailed, or heard of in my entire life once sued me for breach of contract. (We sent her a §57.105 notice and she voluntarily dismissed her complaint. In her defense, she was suicidal and a dropout of the presitigious NSU law program). Another, and I swear this is all true, all NSU dunderheads, claimed my posting of videos on YouTube constituted "defamation." (His client dropped its counterclaim and gave me everything for which I asked in my complaint). Oh, wait, that bottom‑feeding lowlife who sued me for IIED on behalf of a corporation also alleged Tortious Interference based on speech published on a website ‑‑ totally oblivious to the fact that Tortious Interference can not arise from statements made to the public at‑large. (He dropped that allegation voluntarily five minutes before the trial would have commenced). All former NSU students. All idiots. What the heck is in the water on campus at NSU??? What do they teach these nut-jobs??? Now we have Francis DeLuca to add to that roster of pathetic clowns. Please, I beg you to keep reading. Here's the bizarre letter saying that I'm violating all sorts of federal law by registering this domain name. Really? You're joking, right? Oh, wait, I forgot, Francis went to NSU!! Aside from Francis DeLuca's allegations being completely unsupported by language in any relevant statute or case law, am I really supposed to take seriously a letter in which Ms. DeLuca demonstrates a lack of knowledge of the difference between the possessive pronoun "its" and the contraction "it's" .... That's third‑grade stuff!!! Francis DeLuca first cites the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act from 1999. Only problem is that the Act requires a "bad‑faith intent to profit" from use of a domain name similar to Aaron Schamback's name, and of course, there is no suggestion or evidence anywhere on this website of my intent to profit from the use of aaronschambackdds.com. I actually was considering registering dirtbagdentist.com but that seemed a tad puerile. Even a half‑sighted myope can see this website is not commercial in nature whatsoever. It does not buy, sell, trade, or promote anything. It does not offer any services. It does not offer any goods. It does not collect e‑mail addresses. It does not contain any advertising. It does not contain any solicitations for a buyer of the domain name or for the content. All it contains is a consumer warning about a local douchebag whose office took my $1000 for a permanent crown that it never delivered and never returned my money. Francis DeLuca secondly intimates I am violating the Lanham Act. Only problem is violation of that Act requires my use of aaronschambackdds.com "in commerce," which clearly is not the case (as explained above). So let me state the obvious to all the world: NOT ONLY AM I NOT PRESENTLY USING AARONSCHAMBACKDDS.COM "IN COMMERCE" IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER BUT I NEVER HAVE AND I NEVER WILL. Funny how desperate attorneys like Francis DeLuca choose to selectively ignore certain language in statutes to make them fit their BS narratives, isn't it, Francis? Disgusting, actually. Strike Two, Francis. Then Francis DeLuca, in all of her genius, tells me I'm in violation of 15 U.S.C. § 8131. Here's the complete text of Paragraph (1)(A) of 15 U.S.C. § 8131: "Any person who registers a domain name that consists of the name of another living person, or a name substantially and confusingly similar thereto, without that person's consent, with the specific intent to profit from such name by selling the domain name for financial gain to that person or any third party, shall be liable in a civil action by such person." Oooooh. Strike Three!!!!!!! There's that pesky element to state a cause of action once more, "specific intent to profit ... by selling the domain name for financial gain." Francis ought to surrender her law license first chance she gets!!!!!!!!!! Again, let me state the obvious to all the world: THIS DOMAIN NAME HAS NEVER BEEN FOR SALE. THIS DOMAIN NAME IS NOT CURRENTLY FOR SALE. THIS DOMAIN NAME WILL NEVER BE FOR SALE. NOT TO ANYONE, AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON, FOR ANY PRICE. So to publicly address Page 3 of Francis DeLuca's idiotic correspondence, this domain name is not for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT NEVER HAS BEEN. IT NEVER WILL BE. I wish Francis DeLuca would stop sending me her bullshit threats. Francis DeLuca and Aaron Schamback need to apologize to me. So, too, does Jaclyn Harden (the dopey skank who told me her office would call me as soon as my permanent crown was ready. Of course, that was a lie. I never got that phone call. The crappy temp crown fell out, caused me incredible pain, and forced me to go to a dentist who wouldn't run off with my hard‑earned money). It's time for Francis DeLuca to set aside whatever courtroom chops she thinks she has and put her people‑skills to use!!!!!!